Smart and Good High Schools

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To date the restoration of character education has been overwhelmingly in primary schools.

Perhaps this is because it is widely recognised that core values are learned at a young age?

Intentional, school wide character education in secondary schools is comparatively rare – at the very developmental stage when the need is arguably the greatest.

Secondary schools must embrace educating for character as central to their mission for several compelling reasons.

  1. To develop the positive intellectual and ethical potential of adolescents
  2. To reduce negative teenage behaviours that injure self and others
  3. To create safe, caring and effective schools

Smart and Good High Schools

A treasure trove of useful practices

Thomas Lickona and Matthew Davidson, State University of New York College, Cortland have developed the concept of smart and good high schools.

Their concept of smart and good high schools is extracted from the historical view that education has two goals – the mastery of skills and the building of character.

Their executive summary begins.

Throughout history, and in cultures all over the world, education rightly conceived has had two great goals: to help students to become smart and to help them become good. They need character for both. They need character qualities such as diligence, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude in order to do their best in school and succeed in life. They need character qualities such as honesty, respect and fairness in order to live and work with others.

Available on the webpage is a narrated presentation Smart & Good High Schools, which provides an overview of Lickona and Davidson's report on effective character education in high schools.

The full report can also be downloaded from this page

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